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Welcome to Footgolf at Turkeyfoot Lake Golf Links. Come enjoy Footgolf this season on our scenic 9 route.

Foot Golf is a precision sport where players kick a soccer ball into a cup in as few shots as possible. The game is played the same way as golf, except players use a soccer ball instead of a golf ball, and the ball is kicked rather than struck with a club, working towards a 21-inch “cup” in place of the usual golf hole.

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Pricing Per Player Cost
Adults $15
Players under 16 $10
Cart Rental $7
Soccer Ball Rental $3
Family Pass (Does not include cart or ball rental.)      $250

Do you have a future event such as a sporting event, birthday party, and other outing? Contact mthirion@turkeyfootgolf.com for group rates and special pricing for Footgolf.

Scorecard and Rules

Click Here to Download the Scorecard and Rules

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